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Beep Beep

Date January 21, 2022
Beep BeepThis week Chris and I kick back. Inspired by Jeff Bezos, and his recent...


Today’s Financial Fog

Date January 12, 2022
Today's Financial FogWhat's today's fog ? The power - the supremacy - of the Chinese...


Why I Quit Macro

Date January 11, 2022
Why I Quit MacroGeorge Gammon recently asked me "Why did you give up macro ?"...


This Week’s Podcast

Date January 10, 2022
This Week's PodcastIn this week's podcast, I go all existential. I reveal my conversations with...


Don’t Look Up !

Date January 7, 2022
Don't Look Up !It's Friday...are you ready for an epic adventure ? If you can...

Helicopter Money

Date March 8, 2021
We’ve never seen the phenomenon of simultaneously higher equity prices and a shift higher in...