JULY 27, 2020

Confessions IV: How many times can you say sorry?

Gold stocks surging. Fund performance recovers. Explaining the explosive convexity of gold miners. Another hedge fund manager from Glasgow – his family built ships. Nokia a tale of then and now. An unhappy time in Mustique and David Yarrow convinces me to set up my own business. Fund +4.1pc FTSE All Share -9.8pc.

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MAY 11, 2020

Confessions III: Commodity Speculator Paradise

The gold stocks arrive @ Eclectica  A very deep gold mine  Buying the WORST in case you’re proved correct. Plasticine Macro trader. Barry Callebaut. A party overlooking Red Square with Jimmie, Mark & Nassim. Fund +1.8pc FTSE All Share -6.9pc.

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APRIL 28, 2020

Confessions II: Is there something better than great sex?

1 Month Eclectica Fund -0.1%; FTSE All Share +0.8%
YTD Eclectica Fund -4.9%; FTSE All Share +9.0%

What did I do when I discovered Amsterdam commodities?
In my head, the voices are saying, there’s gonna be a commodity boom!
But it’s incredibly hard to find equity exposure because investment banks just present you more of what worked last time. All we could find were strange creatures like Amsterdam commodities: no website, absolutely zero interest in talking to us…
That’s why they call it a brave new world…

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APRIL 16, 2020

Confessions I: Eclectica Fund -4.2% FTSE All Share +8.1%

I cry, You Cry. New babies, catching fallen angels, too early for rate cuts.

Baptism of fire: launching a global macro hedge fund at the bottom of the bear market.

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