This Week’s Podcast

In this week’s podcast, I go all existential. I reveal my conversations with inanimate objects in generating macro narrative. I examine the dollar-yen cross – and develop schizophrenic paranoia. “Could it really trade through 155 if not return to 200 ???” – my voices ask.
Don’t short the yen quite yet. My medical examiner’s certificate tells me that if the direction persists, and we take out 125 / 135, the power to the upside would be so considerable that one would need to check their macro premises.
So these aren’t projections but rather I’m attempting to cast light on the inspiration for macro trades – think of it like method acting for macro projections. Me? Well I’m the methodman dropping some beats inside my head…
For the moment, it’s not a trade, its absurd. But then, I remember my investor beat from 2005 ” if you think the future is inflationary, buy bonds! ” That gold could only trade $3k if first rates hit the skids and touch zero…

I continue to believe we live in absurd times.