Economic Dominoes

Macro Confessions Part XXXI. A very tired Acid Capitalist joins the The Sweeney Alchemist in London Town. Time to review the week when risk markets rallied.
Chris is intrigued by the re-emergence of Adam Newman, the office hype guy of WeWorks notoriety. He has a crypto plan to save the planet. Of course he does!! WeWork for the Planet? … but really? Way too many blue pills and not enough red.
Back in 2007 I was quoting Madonna. “How High can we go ?”. I spent an evening too close to her derrière. She graced the cover of the Eclectica April 2007 investor letter just 4 months before depositors at the failing bank, Northern Trust, queued to withdraw their savings.
As the financial world tilted into a devastating crisis I mused on losing my virginity…
Chris pursues his journalistic curiosity. How are Hedge Funds trading the war? Are they redeeming wealthy Russian clients? Why bid for soccer clubs? And just how many computer screens does a manager need to take on holiday?
I reveal my love of Twitter, how I spend more time scrutinising the platform than traditional newspaper outlets. Did you know that the Russian foreign minister’s flight to China was aborted mid way into its journey this week? Bet you didn’t read that in the papers…
The big news of the week is China. Has China pivoted from its rumoured allegiance with Vlad the Mad? Is it the allure of the $85 trillion global economy outshining that of the exclusive right to pillage Russia’s imploding $1.7 trillion economy?
Or was it stark signs of the dreaded economic dominoes starting to crash in a chain reaction that could humble the mighty Chinese economy? Is this the real explanation behind the 25% reversal in the oil price?
War propaganda, objectivity, dark political arts…just how high can we go? In the week that Bono’s peace poem was ridiculed by many, the Acid Capitalist concludes, “Like a thief in the night, see the world by candlelight”. Don’t miss this week’s provocative take on events.
00:00:30 Only One Rock Star in St Barts
00:07:10 WeWork for the Planet, we disagree…the return of The Amplifier
00:23:30 How Hi? Risk rally. War Rally? China slowing? Fed Hikes rates…
00:32:45 Hedge Funds Trading War, to Chelsea or Not…
00:44:20 Aborted flight to China
00:49:00 The week China Pivoted?
00:59:55 War Propaganda. Fact checking
01:17:00 Is Oil Price falling owing to China fears?
Audio file can be found on all the major platforms, search Pink Floyd on Spotify and you’ll find me there…
Way too late in London, and ain’t nobody preying for me, love to my night sentinels… ohh Chris … God damn me, God damn us all.