Today’s Financial Fog

What’s today’s fog ?
The power – the supremacy – of the Chinese state “they got this”…
The allure of buying the washout in Chinese tech.
US CPI rising at 1982 levels
The shock of bond yields
The ignorance of the collapsing spread between the short and the long end ?

I’m gonna read The Invisible Man for inspiration. He would know how to respond…
But first, let’s return to Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. Call me Ippolit. I’m an ardent nihilist yearning to be taken seriously. I desire only to leave this world dramatically. I’ve failed once.

Five years before I wrote to my bearish clients to proclaim my bullishness. Last bear turns bullish they sighed. I deliver rambling, self-absorbed, nihilistic speeches wherever I go. I know I’m gonna die.
But as death inevitably draws closer, I start groping for the meaning of life. I flee to a beautiful island in the Caribbean – the wonder and awe of my natural surroundings is greater than any shroom trip. I’m more at one with myself and no longer shocked by the word “happiness”.

But my personality hasn’t really been transformed. I’m still a nasty piece of work. I meet up with my generous benefactor, The Fed. They’ve allowed me and my type to prosper for decades. The mindful might offer gratitude in the house of their host. Me? I lay into them.

I hate you. I say bluntly “you’re the most vulgar and detestable form of commonplaceness; you have no chance of fathering even the most petty ideas of your own. And yet you are as conceited as you can possibly be; you consider yourself to be a genius”. Harsh? Why has my spiritual nirvana left me so mean-spirited? I blame the F-O-G. The acceptance of the spread of a fascist mercantilism which spreads misery to the many and riches to the few. The censorship of the damning word: DEFLATION. Mic drop…it’s time to end the farce.