The ACID Capitalist Substack is Now Live

My dear fellow ACID Capitalists out there on the perpendicular, time travelers on the road less traveled, our embarkation into the world of Substack has been a ride akin to taming a wild stallion—charged with passion, but distracted always, I’ve fumbled and stumbled. But slowly and surely I find myself staggering to the damn start line. I’m committed to ferrying out my treasure trove of past rumination across this digital expanse.

Expect this virtual caravan to be fully erected in the days that follow. From this juncture onward, my musings will be pushed out across both Substack and Patreon, ensuring no idiosyncratic gem remains solitary. A bridge to converge Substack souls with our Discord dialogues, to see if we can knit our brotherhood tighter still. While Patreon remains the sanctuary of exclusive offerings, Substack aficionados will seamlessly synchronize with our regular rhythm of (dis-)content. Stay tuned, turn on and drop out.