The Power of Paradox

I have a strong conviction that 10 year treasuries will make new price HIGHs before commencing a decades long bear. I think it will record yield lows despite irrefutable evidence of worrisome inflation. Why? Because I believe in the power of paradox.
What do you believe in? And don’t you think its a little conceited to think that markets should travel in YOUR direction? That they should always be rational. You got any evidence for that?
No 20 hour fast or avocados today. I’m having lunch on the beach with an investment legend…a money maker…a rare mind and a great guy.
I’m not having lunch with Ken Fischer. I tell the tale of emailing him in this week’s podcast. He wrote a great stock valuation book conceived around the metric of price-to-sales. It’s not too heavy and I would recommend it for anyone pursuing a career in stock research.
It was the only language I spoke back then as a long-only guy. I sent Ken my analysis on Vodafone back in 1998. The bugger couldn’t have been more disagreeable. Finance is surprisingly open and the greats always find time to send a small note of best wishes. Not Ken.
Ken’s an ass…No surprise that when you emit bad karma out to the wider world it has a habit of biting you in the ass. Inshallah guys ! (It’s weird how the tweet corrector fights that word.)

Hey, before I forget, I know you hate Instagram but come over and follow me for a daily spoon of absurdity. As my new bestie says, « these abstract/existential/philosophical market insights are like listening to Soros playing lead guitar for the Stones… »

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